Investing in Experience

We were among the pioneers of home insulation 30 years ago, and have been bringing southerners warmer, drier and healthier homes ever since – we’ve even recently developed our own system for insulating ceilings, Envirowool. 

We also install insulation into existing walls without removing wall linings or claddings using Insulmax; a soft white blown mineral wool product manufactured specifically for thermal and acoustic insulation. To learn more about Insulmax insulation and all of the benefits visit our website or download the brochure.

Over the years, we’ve retrofitted hundreds of older houses and insulated new homes to the very highest standards. We’ve proved it’s not just what’s used to insulate a home that makes such a difference, it’s how it’s done.

Incorrectly installed insulation can detract significantly from the financial and health benefits – as well as being downright dangerous. So, unlike other insulators, at BJ Carter Insulation, we choose to use our experienced, qualified tradespeople to install all our insulation products to provide our clients the best, and safest, results.

From ensuring there are no safety concerns – like exposed wires – to checking for hidden problems, such as rotting wood, our specialist team brings extra peace-of-mind and quality to every project we work on.

For a free assessment, or to talk through our insulation solutions for retrofitting older homes or on new builds and commercial sites, contact the BJ Carter Insulation team – phone 03 235 2848, or e-mail


We’ve specially designed our Envirowool system – including the installation technology – to reach every nook and cranny of the roof cavity, insulating areas other products don’t have a chance of reaching.

Wool-blown ceiling insulation has been our preferred method for years now, because we’ve found no other way that brings results as enduring and beneficial as 100 per cent pure, New Zealand wool.

As well, as being cost-effective, Envirowool prevents up to 40 per cent of a home’s heat loss, and can be used on new builds, commercial properties or for older properties, to either completely replace or top up existing insulation.

Importantly, Envirowool is completely toxin-free and brings the unique benefits only wool can bring. We source our wool direct from southern sheep farms, meaning we – and our Envirowool customers – are supporting Kiwi farmers and enterprise.

Aside from the sheer quality of the results, the beauty of Envirowool is it’s quickly and cleanly installed with next-to-no inconvenience. We have one of our qualified tradespeople overseeing every Envirowool installation we undertake, including conducting a pre-installation check of the roof space to ensure there are no existing problems.

Our insulation team will be on-site, in most cases, for less than half a day – we’ll be sure to leave your home just as we found it. Your home will feel noticeably warmer, and, what’s more, it’ll seem like we’ve never been.


  • 100%, pure southern NZ wool
  • Prevents up to 40% heat loss
  • Safe and healthy
  • All natural and eco-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Fire resistant
  • Absorbs/desorbs moisture
  • Won’t collapse
  • Absorbs sound
  • Holds its loft
  • Cool in summer, warm in winter
  • Professionally installed by builders
  • Pre-installation safety check
  • Can be installed within seven days of approval

To learn more about Envirowool, check out: or download our brochure.


Supa-Fill Client

… is simple. Just give us a call, or send us an e-mail, and we’ll arrange a convenient time to visit you, assess your home or commercial property and answer any of your questions – all at no cost. From there, we’ll provide a prompt written, no obligation quote covering the different options open to you and the cost of each.

For a free insulation assessment and quote, contact the BJ Carter Insulation team – phone 03 235 2848, or e-mail


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In 1984, we had B J Carter Ltd work on our house.

After a number of years, we found the Pink Batts in our ceilings had shrunk and lost most of their insulation benefits and needed replaced 

We have always found the staff at BJ Carter to be professional, polite and great to work with; they always listen to your needs and work in with you.

B J Carter are not just builders but craftsmen in their trade, and we fully endorse and trust them and their products. We would recommend  BJ Carter to anybody who wants a quality job done professionally at a fair price."

Ken and Sue Grieve