Ceiling, under-floor and wall insulation without the need for renovation – we are the only Southland company that does it all.

We were among the pioneers of home insulation in the 1970s, and today we continue to lead the way in providing warmer, drier and healthier homes for Southlanders.

We’re so passionate about providing a quality, locally sourced product that we’ve even developed our own 100% natural wool ceiling insulation product, Envirowool.

We also install insulation into existing walls without removing wall linings or claddings using Insulmax, a mineral fibre product manufactured specially for thermal and acoustic insulation.


Why BJ Carter?

Our company reputation is built on providing a quality job – and insulation is no exception! Here are some of the reasons to choose BJ Carter Insulation:

  • We’re a local company with more than 40 years of experience installing insulation

  • We’re builders, so we know houses and how to make them warm and comfortable

  • All installations are overseen by a qualified tradesman to ensure adherence to quality and safety standards

  • We have a focus on using natural, safe and low-allergenic products to ensure a healthy home

  • We assess your house and then provide a tailored quote to fit your needs

  • On completion, we will issue a certificate stating the standard of insulation fitted

  • Our pricing is competitive! Ask us for a free assessment and quote today.


Insulation for rental properties and farm workers accommodation

From 1 July 2019, all rental properties and workers’ houses are required to have insulation installed in the ceilings and under-floors, where practical to do so.

There are minimum R-value standards to meet – R3.3 in the ceiling and R1.3 underfloor. This means that even houses with existing insulation may need to have additional insulation added to meet the standards.

There will be fines for non-compliance – so it’s best to get your house assessed by a professional. Our team provides a free assessment and quote, and a certificate upon completion to verify your compliance with the new standards.

Find out more about the insulation requirements on the Tenancy Services website

A complete home insulation solution

There are multiple sources of heat loss within a home. As well as installing insulation in the ceilings and under floors, we can insulate the walls of existing homes without removing existing cladding or wall linings, and without the need for a building permit.

Insulating the ceiling, under-floor and walls could prevent up to 80% of the heat loss in your home.

And if you’d also like to reduce heat loss from your windows, our building team will be happy to talk to you about installing double glazing, triple glazing or thermally-broken aluminium joinery too!





We’ve specially designed our Envirowool system – including the installation technology – to reach every nook and cranny of the roof cavity, insulating areas other products don’t have a chance of reaching.

Wool-blown ceiling insulation has been our preferred method for years now, because we’ve found no other way that brings results as enduring and beneficial as 100 per cent pure, New Zealand wool.

We source our wool direct from southern sheep farms, meaning we – and our Envirowool customers – are supporting Kiwi farmers and enterprise.

Envirowool at a glance

  • 100%, pure southern NZ wool

  • Prevents up to 40% heat loss through the ceiling

  • Safe and healthy

  • All natural and eco-friendly

  • Affordable

  • Fire resistant

  • Absorbs/desorbs moisture

  • Won’t collapse

  • Absorbs sound

  • Holds its loft

  • Cool in summer, warm in winter

Our Envirowool team also install under-floor insulation, using our preferred wool-rich product, Terra Lana. We also install vapour barriers to prevent dampness rising from the ground and entering your home.


Our subsidiary, Insulmax Insulation Southland Limited provides wall insulation for existing homes. 

The Insulmax Retrofit Wall Insulation System is designed to insulate the walls of all styles of New Zealand homes without renovation or removing wall linings. Because it doesn’t absorb moisture, it can be fitted without the need for a building permit.

Insulmax® wall insulation is a soft, white, water resistant mineral fibre manufactured to the highest European standards. It is safe, dry, non-combustible and formaldehyde free.

Installation uses the smallest holes made in the exterior or interior wall lining. The exterior cladding is left weathertight. Our aim is to leave no sign that your walls have been insulated.